Material Requirements Planning | Customs Connections & Compliance


  • Annex 24 / 31

    Control of temporary inventory in compliance with Annex 24 and 31 of the customs laws of Mexico for certified companies. Control of sensitive fractions and documents related to materials.

  • Logistics

    Logistic control of the operations for the acquisition of material, where several actors (transporter, customs broker, client) participate in the logistic flow.

  • Internal Warehouse

    Control of internal inventory linked to the process of acquisition of merchandise. Control of work orders and capacity of materials.

  • Production

    Control of production process in connection with module of work orders and outputs of merchandise, facilitating the global control of the inventory.

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Annex 24 / 31

First entrances, first departures. TXT Files of discharges by Tariff for Annex 31.


Material discharges, balance control for sensitive tariffs

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