About Us

Our limitation is your imagination...

In DC TECH we are offering services of excellence, we work to look at each team member those opportunities for improvement to become whole persons , this allows us to have the necessary basis for expressing our vision of excellence in our products and also our customers get more than a solution to their problems , they find total satisfaction .

Our daily question is ...

" Are you trying hard enough? "

based on this, we encourage to always give the best of us and likewise to deliver products and solutions with more and better quality than before.
Here we firmly believe that everything is possible and we demonstrate this in our proposals of solutions.
The secret ingredient are our customers because they have the seed of the idea, we are only the gardeners.

Services We Do

  • Web app's
  • Windows desktop app's
  • Mobile app's
  • Micro-controllers programing
  • Creation of hardware for automation
  • Maintenance of PC's
  • Outsourcing developers
  • Consultant in which tech to use
  • Structured cabling
  • Installation of cameras
  • Integration of machines to Software
  • Access control
  • Production control through sensors
  • Rent or sale of Software and Hardware
  • Hosting

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