Missing Parts
Desktop / Hardware / Integration
Project Description
Interesting project because it includes 3 of our services (Software, Hardware and integration).

The client had an outdated system for the process of packing finished products. The algorithm used was not the most appropriate.

What we did in this opportunity for improvement?
We develop a desktop application which shows items that should be packed and the status of these (red or green). The algorithm used in this system validated (by commands received by a weighing machine) that items are packed in the box.

Arduino microcontroller connected to PC with Missing Parts system. When the algorithm validates that all articles of the finished product are packaged, it sends a command to open gates that allow the flow of production, otherwise the gates remain up until the weight is determined for the process of packaging.

Integration: Missing Parts connected to the software, this to a weighing machine using the COM port, also the micro-controller connected to the gates.

Reduction of missing parts was 90% thanks to this project.

Project Details